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An area rug can pull together the whole room. Keeping it looking its very best, however, involves much more than just vacuuming and spot cleaning. That will only remove surface soil, dirt and debris. Keeping your wool, oriental, hand woven, or antique rug in pristine condition will require the expertise of a professional, armed with specialized tools and products and years of qualified rug cleaning experience.

UCM Carpet Cleaning Bowie has the professional rug cleaning service you are looking for.

Bowie Rug Cleaning and Stain Removal

Deep cleaning your rug for those special occasions, such as holidays and the like, helps ensure that your rug is free of stains as well as allergens that might affect your guests and visitors. However, your rug, Persian or otherwise, needs regular professional cleaning and stain removal in order to continue to give you years of bright and attractive use.

For example, when it comes to removing stains, you are likely being extremely careful to blot the offending material up gently before applying a product formulated to remove the stain from your rug. However, regardless of how carefully you try to handle the stain removal from your area rug, it is likely that some remnants of the material will remain and cling to the fibers of the rug unless you bring in the professional rug cleaning experts.

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Not Just for Deep Cleaning

Not only can microscopic particles of the staining material remain unseen in the fibers of your rug, so can allergens such as dust, pollen and dander. These particles may not be large enough to be visible to the naked eye. For those people who are sensitive to their presence, however, their buildup within your wool or handwoven rug can trigger respiratory issues that might make it difficult to enjoy living in, or even simply visiting, your home.

Using powerful equipment and high-quality products that have been shown to be effective at removing dirt, debris and allergens, UCM Carpet Cleaning Bowie, can make your home one that is both beautiful and welcoming. We can clean your rug onsite at your home or office, or we can clean your rug offsite in our workshop, with free pickup and delivery for your rug.

We service Bowie, MD, from Brookland to Hardesty, including Woodmore and Holmehurst. Call us today to get started!

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Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!
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Extra Services
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